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Mechanical Test Systems

Our test systems are optimized for characterizing the mechanical properties of biomaterials. Features like environmental chambers and imaging are integral system functions, not afterthoughts. For needs ranging from micro-scale compression to biaxial tension, trust CellScale’s systems to provide cutting edge results.

UniVert – tension, compression, bending, shear, torsion, and pressure testing

MicroTester – micro-scale mechanical testing

BioTester– planar biaxial testing

Cell & Tissue Stimulation

Bioreactors provide insights into the response of cells and tissues to mechanical stimulation. In addition to our standard products, CellScale also has extensive experience in developing custom solutions.

MechanoCulture J1 – 6 specimen tension

MechanoCulture TX – 6 specimen compression

MechanoCulture TR – 9 specimen hydrostatic

MechanoCulture T6 – 6 specimen tension


Comments from the field

I purchased the Cell Scale biaxial device in my first year as an Assistant Professor. It allowed my first graduate student to start collecting data from day one rather than spend the time to design, build, and validate a custom device first.
Assistant Professor Manuel Rausch

The University of Texas at Austin

I have used CellScale both in the classroom and research setting. It was a great tool for teaching undergraduates the principles of mechanical testing with a hands-on, experiential approach. In my laboratory, it enabled us to determine the mechanical properties of a soft biomaterial developed in our lab that could not be measured by other means. It met all our needs, and was easy to use.
Associate Professor Kathryn Grandfield

McMaster University