Our Customers’ Publications

Explore CellScale’s publications page, featuring a curated collection of articles, papers, and research findings across various disciplines. Delve into cutting-edge insights, methodologies, and discoveries made possible by our biomechanical testing solutions and products. From academic journals to industry publications, this collection will offer valuable perspectives on biomechanics, materials science, and related fields. Whether you’re a researcher, scientist, engineer, or educator, our publications inform and inspire your work. Stay informed about the latest developments and emerging trends by regularly visiting our page, where new additions enrich our library. Join us in the pursuit of scientific excellence and technological innovation. Explore, learn, and discover with CellScale’s publications today.

If you have published new works, or would like to refer us to research that has been completed using our products, please reach out today via our Contact form.  We’re always eager to hear about how our products have helped push forward the bounds of research, and helped the teams to produce their research quickly, accurately and with confidence in their equipment.