UniVert是各种机械测试应用的理想选择,它的占地面积小,价格合理,使用户可以随时随地进行测试。易于使用的软件和可互换的组件使得系统无需大量的培训或督导即可使用。 该系统能够承受高达200N的拉伸、压缩和弯曲测试。各种夹具和固定装置可用于适应不同的标本和测试模式。


  • 小体量即可进行质量好、性价比高的测试
  • 夹具和加载传感器的变化易于操作,可以适应各种用途。
  • 使用基于图像的应变测量工具,可实现高分辨率CCD成像(可选)
  • 功能齐全的用户界面软件,可通过实时反馈进行简单、循环、松弛和多模式测试

Specimens & Mounting

Tension Test Specimen: Elastic polymer material

Compression Test Specimen: Inelastic ceramic sphere

Bending Test Specimen: Artificial bone

Fluid Bath

The UniVert system can be equipped with a temperature-controlled fluid bath to ensure sensitive biomaterials are tested under the appropriate conditions.

Image Analysis Software

The UniVert system can measure specimen strains using integrated non-contact digital image correlation software.



We have been using our CellScale Univert on five doctoral research projects. It is a workhorse and so versatile that it enables us to obtain data quickly and in an expedient manner. It is also intuitive to use.

Professor David Mills

Louisiana Tech University

I have used CellScale both in the classroom and research setting. It was a great tool for teaching undergraduates the principles of mechanical testing with a hands-on, experiential approach. In my laboratory, it enabled us to determine the mechanical properties of a soft biomaterial developed in our lab that could not be measured by other means. It met all our needs, and was easy to use.

Associate Professor Kathryn Grandfield

McMaster University


外形尺寸 22 X 22 X 54cm
重量 8kg
力的大小 200N
可用的加载传感器 10, 20, 50, 100, 200N
力的准确性 加载传感器容量的0.2%
最大夹点分离 140mm
最大速度 20mm/s
最大循环频率 2Hz
最大数据速率 100Hz