The UniVert 10 kN is a testament to precision engineering and the culmination of dedicated research and development activities, set to elevate the industry’s standards with its impressive capabilities. As the newest member of the renowned UniVert Series, the UniVert 10 kN provides robust performance tailored to meet your extensive testing needs, whether you’re involved in research or quality control in manufacturing. Its design and functionality are shaped by the demands of professionals who require reliability, accuracy, and ease of use in their test equipment.

Cellscale Univert for BioTesting

Your work requires consistent results and equipment that won’t let you down. The UniVert 10 kN steps up to meet that challenge, offering new force ranges and versatility. This advanced addition to the UniVert family seamlessly integrates into the existing lineup, ensuring you get the seamless user experience synonymous with the series. The UniVert 10 kN’s enhanced features aim to simplify and streamline your work process, allowing you to focus on getting accurate measurements without the hassle of a steep learning curve.

Overview of UniVert Series

The UniVert Series showcases a progressive line of testing equipment designed for precision and reliability. The series is renowned for integrating advanced technology and research to deliver exceptional performance indicators.

The Cellscale BioMaterials Testing Team

Evolution of UniVert Technology

The UniVert Series has evolved through rigorous research and development, incorporating cutting-edge technology to meet the growing demands of various industries. Each iteration of the UniVert Series has been a response to the precise needs for accurate measurement of force and displacement, ensuring that you benefit from the latest advancements in material testing systems.

Applications and Industry Relevance

The UniVert Series finds applications across a diverse array of industries, from aerospace to automotive and biomedical research. This series is crucial for industry professionals who require consistent and accurate performance in quality control and material testing. Its versatility makes the UniVert Series a staple in any setting prioritizing measurement accuracy and equipment reliability.

UniVert 10 kN Specifications

The UniVert 10 kN model stands out with its robust specifications tailored for high-precision testing:

  • Maximum Force: 10 kN
  • Force Resolution: ±0.02% of full capacity of load cell
  • Calibration: Traceable to national standards
  • Software: Intuitive UI with data analysis

Designed for optimal user experience, the intuitive software application and its user-friendly interface allow for seamless navigation and control, ensuring that your research and industry requirements are met with precision.

The UniVert Series Offers Quality, Cost-Effective Uniaxial Mechanical Testing in a Compact Design

The UniVert 10 kN represents a significant advancement in uniaxial mechanical testing, providing you with precise measurements and reliable performance in a design that doesn’t require a large laboratory space.

Overhead view of the Univert

Contribution to Research and Development

In the ever-evolving global higher education landscape, your commitment to research and development is paramount. The UniVert series is tailored to meet the needs of scholars and researchers from many various prestigious institutions  It supports a variety of subjects by offering a cost-effective platform for mechanical testing without compromising on quality.

By utilizing the UniVert series, you can expect enhanced research outputs, as reflected in increased citations and recognition in the academic community. The scalable and precise nature of the UniVert series makes it an invaluable tool for both teaching and research advancements within higher education. It facilitates practical learning and experimentation, a fundamental part of education at leading universities around the world.

Compact and efficient, the UniVert S Series ensures that your research and testing are not constrained by space. This is especially beneficial for institutions that aim to maximize their available resources without expanding their physical footprint. It’s an ideal solution for various research scenarios, from materials science to engineering projects, providing you with an apparatus that aligns with stringent academic standards.

Comprehensive software

The UniVert Series comes equipped with comprehensive software for data analysis. This addition significantly enhances the unit’s functionality and allows for a more precise analysis across a range of performance metrics.

Software Features:

  • Versatile Applications: Tailored to meet diverse experimental needs of academics worldwide
  • Data Aggregation: Easily collate and analyze data

Whether it’s improving your international outlook or advancing towards a more structured and data-driven academic approach, the UniVert’s software is your stepping stone. You can count on its robustness and adaptability, fostering a nurturing environment for higher education.

Incorporating the right tools, your institution can leverage the UniVert Series to refine practices, boosting both reputation and operational efficiency.

Univert Series Microtester

Uses Non-Contact DIC Software for Accurate

The Univert series has the option to add a scientific camera with non-contact Digital Image Correlation (DIC) software. This state-of-the-art technology enhances the accuracy of your mechanical tester on composite materials.

Advantages of Non-Contact DIC Software:

  • Precision Measurement: DIC software provides full-field surface strain measurements, without physical contact, ensuring no interference with the specimen.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re dealing with metals, plastics, or composites, this non-contact method adapts to a wide range of materials.
  • High Accuracy: With the DIC method, you’re able to capture local displacements and deformations with exceptional detail and accuracy.
  • User-Friendly: Despite being a sophisticated tool, the DIC software presents information in a way that’s accessible and easy for you to interpret your data.

By using the UniVert equipped with DIC software, you ensure that your experiments are not only precise but also provide a comprehensive understanding of material responses, pushing your research capabilities further.

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