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Dr. Chung-Hao Lee is an Assistant Professor in the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. One of his laboratory’s focuses is characterizing the mechanical, collagen fiber architectural, and microstructural properties of soft biological tissues, such as the heart valve leaflets and arterial tissues, and using this information to develop robust computer simulations for enhancing clinical decisions. Additionally, his group has recently begun exploring the application of shape memory polymers to unique clinical challenges, such as cerebral aneurysms. Here is a list of publications featuring the CellScale BioTester.

Publications from Dr. Chung-Hao Lee from the University of Oklahoma

Mechanics and microstructure of the atrioventricular heart valve chordae tendineae: A review

Mechanics of porcine heart valves’ strut chordae tendineae investigated as a leaflet-chordae-papillary muscle entity

Load-dependent collagen fiber architecture data of representative bovine tendon and mitral valve anterior leaflet tissues as quantified by an integrated opto-mechanical system

Integration of polarized spatial frequency domain imaging (pSFDI) with a biaxial mechanical testing system for quantification of load-dependent collagen architecture in soft collagenous tissues

An investigation of the effect of freezing storage on the biaxial mechanical properties of excised porcine tricuspid valve anterior leaflets

An investigation of layer-specific tissue biomechanics of porcine atrioventricular valve anterior leaflets

An investigation of the glycosaminoglycan contribution to biaxial mechanical behaviors of porcine atrioventricular heart valve leaflets

Mechanics of the tricuspid valve-From clinical diagnosis/treatment, in-vivo and in-vitro investigations, to patient-specific biomechanical modeling

Regional biaxial mechanical data of the mitral and tricuspid valve anterior leaflets

An investigation of regional variations in the biaxial mechanical properties and stress relaxation behaviors of porcine atrioventricular heart valve leaflets

Biaxial mechanical characterization of atrioventricular heart valves

Biaxial mechanical data of porcine atrioventricular valve leaflets

Synthesis and characterization of bio-compatible shape memory polymers with potential applications to endovascular embolization of intracranial aneurysms

An investigation of the anisotropic mechanical properties and anatomical structure of porcine atrioventricular heart valves

To read more about Dr. Lee’s research, click here: http://www.ou.edu/coe/ame/bbdl