Precision Mechanical Testing on Your Lab Bench

The UniVert universal material testing machine provides critical mechanical property data for research in natural tissues, 3D bio-printed structures, orthopedic devices, and more.

The compact size and budget-friendly price of the UniVert S makes it possible to access testing capabilities exactly when and where they’re needed. The larger force capacities and extended range of the UniVert 1kN and 10kN are suitable for a wide range of materials.

Key Features

  • Quality, cost-effective testing in a compact design
  • User-friendly with easy-to-change fixtures and load cells for various applications
  • Integrated imaging for test visualization, analysis, and presentation
  • Comprehensive user interface software for straightforward, cyclic, relaxation, and multi-modal testing with immediate feedback
  • Integrated environmental chambers
  • Optional secondary axes for shear, torsion, or pressure testing



  UniVert S (S2) UniVert 1kN UniVert 10kN
Capacity (N) 200 1,000 10,000
Load Cells (N) 0.05 – 200 0.05 – 1,000 0.05 – 10,000
Stroke (mm) 300* 300* 800*
Max Velocity (mm/s) 20 (100) 20 20
Max Acceleration (m/s2) 1 (2) 1 1
Max Cycle Frequency (Hz) 2 (10) 2 2
Max Data Rate (Hz) 100 (500) 100 100

*Longer stroke available on request

Non-contact tools for strain control

In strain control protocols, real-time image analysis of the specimen strain is used to achieve the specified strain profile. For all test types, more advanced strain mapping tools are available to fully characterize the specimens strains, compare tests, and output data for more more extensive modelling and analysis.

UniVert S, 1kN and 10kN

Achieve forces up to 10kN with our universal material testing machine. All systems are compatible with fluid baths, imaging, non-contact strain measurement, and auxiliary axes for shear, torsion, or pressure.

Fluid Baths

The UniVert systems can be equipped with a horizontal or vertical temperature-controlled fluid bath to ensure sensitive biomaterials are tested under the appropriate conditions.

Specimens & Mounting

Multiple Axis Testing

Shear, twist, and pressure axes can be added to the primary linear test axis to test a wide range of specimens. These actuators and sensors integrate seamlessly with the device controller, software and data output.

We have been using our CellScale Univert on five doctoral research projects. It is a workhorse and so versatile that it enables us to obtain data quickly and in an expedient manner. It is also intuitive to use.
Professor David Mills

Louisiana Tech University

I have used CellScale both in the classroom and research setting. It was a great tool for teaching undergraduates the principles of mechanical testing with a hands-on, experiential approach. In my laboratory, it enabled us to determine the mechanical properties of a soft biomaterial developed in our lab that could not be measured by other means. It met all our needs, and was easy to use.
Associate Professor Kathryn Grandfield

McMaster University


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