A recent groundbreaking study from Mustapha Zidi’s lab in Paris has shed new light on the significance of regional variations in skeletal muscle tissue. Employing CellScale’s BioTester for rigorous equibiaxial testing, the team explored rat muscle samples taken from various locations along the muscle length, unveiling the pivotal role of extracellular matrix in shaping muscle stiffness.

Remarkably, the study demonstrated that muscle tissue stiffness can deviate by up to a factor of 2 depending on the sampled location. Moreover, the research showed that a temperature increase from 22°C to 37°C significantly escalates the stiffness of the samples.

These findings are instrumental for deciphering the nuances of muscle mechanics and vital for constructing more accurate computational models.

In this study, the use of CellScale’s BioTester system was key in conducting comprehensive biaxial testing, underscoring the tool’s crucial role in advanced biomechanical research.

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